Want to connect to more clients? There’s an app for that…

Apps are a part of our everyday lives now, from social media to online banking. The Marketing Consultancy team share their hints and tips on which apps and web platforms could prove invaluable to your marketing strategy and day to day management.

Make your marketing shine with GEM

Bravo Networks Members have access to our GEM digital marketing platform, which is designed to make it simpler for brokers to support the growth of their business. GEM provides you with ready-to-go product-specific, fully integrated marketing campaigns that can be customised to your brand. Add your contact details added at the touch of a button.

Our team of expert marketeers have created five key campaigns to save you time. Choose from:

  • Business Insurance
  • Cyber
  • Directors & Officers
  • Personal Lines
  • Professional Indemnity

Download everything from flyers and adverts to direct mail and email communications. Within just a few clicks, you’ll have a polished campaign you can push out to new and existing customers to win and retain business.

Don’t dismiss TikTok

It’s the most talked about social media app of the moment with an expected 13M individual UK users in 2021, and TikTok could be a huge untapped resource for your marketing. The #insurance hashtag currently has 421.8M views. In March this year, insurance company Rooster Insurance demonstrated that our industry can go viral on the platform by highlighting how their app could reduce premiums by up to 40% for motorists.

While the number of brokers currently using the platform for marketing is relatively low, this article from insurance and finance professional Robin Kiera discusses how insurers and brokers could begin to use TikTok to establish a connection with younger consumers. The app could allow you to position yourself as experts and tap into a new market. Definitely one to watch.

Find out how to get started on TikTok here

Open a TikTok account here

Save time with Hootsuite

You would expect a Tweet to take mere seconds to send – after all, it’s only 240 characters, right? However, when done correctly with a full plan that aligns to your overarching strategy, social media can take up a considerable amount of resource.

One way you can save time is by using Hootsuite to schedule your posts for you across all your platforms. The free plan allows you to connect two social accounts and schedule five posts at any one time.

You can use the dashboard for a clear visual view of your weekly content, view and respond to comments and messages directly from a single thread. You also keep an eye on the latest trending hashtags and topics – useful for planning ahead and analysing where it makes sense for you to join the conversation. The analytics reports also enable you to see how content is performing.

Check out Hootsuite

Make your content look great with Canva

Bravo Networks Members can access our Design team, who can help with everything from rebrands to brochureware. But, if you’d prefer to tackle one or two smaller pieces yourself, there’s Canva.

Canva offers a free subscription with more than 250k templates and 100+ design types – from social media posts to presentations and letters, plus much more. It’s a really intuitive platform with a drag and drop interface, and offers access to lots of free imagery and graphics that can help your marketing to really pop.

Give Canva a try

Track your results online with Google Analytics

Members can tap into the expertise of our digital development team, who can build a website for brokers, as well as offering monthly analytics reports. If you’re building your website yourself, we would strongly advise setting up Google Analytics as a minimum at the same time to ensure your website is delivering return on investment.

Google Analytics is a free web platform and app that allows you to monitor your business metrics and see how your target audience is responding to your website. How much detail you want to delve into is up to you with several reports available on areas like how your website acquires visitors, how your audience is behaving, how your channels are driving conversions, and more.

Tell your story on social

‘Stories’, or social media posts that disappear after a set period of time, have now extended from the worlds of Snapchat and Instagram, to now even appearing as a feature on LinkedIn.

While the business community still seems to be getting used to the concept, it’s a great way to use ‘FOMO’ (or fear of missing out) to draw in potential customers and keep them engaged. It’s also a way of connecting with younger consumers who tend to gravitate towards this format more readily.

An easy way to get started posting Stories on LinkedIn would be to try out the LinkedIn Question of the Day feature. It allows you to join in with the conversation across the platform and invite your followers to do the same. Once you’re more confident, you can then start using the swipe up feature to add links to further content.

The main thing though is to get the conversation going and build that connection – focus on topical or trending content and remember to include a clear call to action for how people can find out more.

Check out how to post a story on LinkedIn

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