All systems go – get the most out of your broking platform

Our Systems Consultancy team offer both day to day and bespoke support for our Members. Got an issue with your back-office platform (either Open GI or Acturis) and need to check something with our experts? Perhaps you’d like to understand a system feature in more detail? The team is here to help.

Our consultants always keep on top of system updates to ensure we have the latest and most current knowledge to pass on to our Members. So, if you’ve had an update on your platform and there’s new functionality you want to get to grips with, the team can walk you through it.

  1. Stay compliant with the Bravo Networks Letter Suite

 Our job is to lighten the load for brokers by taking away time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on being a trusted advisor for your clients. That’s why…

  • We work closely with the Bravo Networks Risk & Compliance team to understand the latest requirements regarding broker correspondence
  • We take any changes to our letter suite and make sure a new version is coded within the Open GI and Acturis back-office platforms for Members to use.
  1. Peace of mind that your documentation cuts the mustard

We fully appreciate not all Members will wish to adopt the Bravo Networks Letter Suite and that some brokers already have a collection of documents that work for them. To support you…

  • Our Systems Consultants are able to undertake a full review of your current suite to make sure it is up to scratch
  • Working with the Risk & Compliance team, we check that your documentation isn’t missing any regulatory requirements
  • We also review your letter suite in line with the latest systems workflows to reduce the manual input from your team.
  1. Check the health of your system

 From time to time, it’s good to check that your system is in tip top shape. To help you to do this, we can provide…

  • A review of the configuration applicable to your Open GI or Acturis platform
  • An assessment of your general operator usage and offer guidance on areas where you can improve workflow
  • A report that details any findings we uncover during our evaluation, which we’ll go through with you in a simple, jargon-free way
  • Advice on additional functionalities you may want to implement to improve your system’s performance, streamline processes to reduce any wastage we see and make sure you are operating your system in the most efficient manner.

This is simply a snapshot of how Systems Consultancy can protect and support your business as a Bravo Networks Member. The team can provide wide range of services tailored to your business to improve your back-office platform and make a lasting impact.


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