Five reasons why an app is a great marketing tool for your brokerage

Five reasons why an app is a great marketing tool for your brokerage

Over the past year, the number of desktop users has decreased from 55% to 49%, while mobile users have continued to rise. As your client’s screen time habits are changing, are you keeping up? With the average person using 9 apps a day and 30 a month, could your brokerage benefit from its own app? We take a look at five reasons why we think it’s a great idea. 

1)      24/7 visibility

In a recent report published by Ofcom, they found that UK internet users spend nearly four times as much time on their smartphones than they did on laptops.[1] In fact, they spent an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes a day on their phone alone, compared to 37 minutes on computers. Think about your clients, how many of them would benefit from being able to contact you with a single tap on their phone?

With an app, your business is in your client’s eye line as soon as they pick up their phone. This will leave a consistent impression on them, keeping you at the forefront of their mind.

2)      Apps vs mobile-optimised websites

Any web developer worth their weight in 2022 will optimise your website to work smoothly on a smartphone, so why bother with an app? In reality, it’s impossible to optimise a website to look good across all devices and screen sizes, despite a developer’s best intentions and, unlike apps, most websites cannot be accessed without the internet as there’s no option for an ‘offline mode’. Websites also cannot make sure of device capabilities like a mobile app can, including push notifications.[2]

With a mobile app, you can take advantage of the platform that the app has been designed for, giving you much more creativity, flexibility and overall exposure on the device.

3)      Ease of marketing

Apps make it infinitely easier for you to promote your business and products, saving you time and resources. They enable you to offer clients frequent updates with ease on a device that they’re picking up approximately 1,500 times a week. They can help you to contact and engage with your clients in real-time. Through this direct marketing channel, everything that your client needs will be at their fingertips – setting your brokerage apart from the crowd.

4)      Build brand recognition and streamline the user experience

When used effectively, a mobile app can help a business improve client loyalty, increase engagement and retarget existing clients, all by being the accessible face of your brand. You will find that the more people use the app, the more insight you will get into their habits, allowing you to adapt your platform to best meet their needs. This will not only serve to increase loyalty but may also lead to an increase in revenue as it becomes easier to promote, quote and trade.

5)      Competitive advantage

The insurance industry has rarely been commended for being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, but change is in the air. More and more brokers and insurers are realising the demand for a certain level of technology and are stepping up to the plate to offer their clients an experience that meets the needs of their lifestyle. Millennials make up a quarter of the UK population[3] and have been the largest generation in the workforce since 2017. This tech-savvy generation are fluent and comfortable with technology, with 74% agreeing that new technology makes their lives easier[4] and 19% identifying as smartphone-only internet users. For brokerages that don’t embrace new technology, you may find that you’re at risk of getting left behind.

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