The Importance of Apprenticeships in nuturing talent

We recently celebrated National Apprenticeship Week and Iain Dickson – Learning and Development Manager at Bravo Networks, explains to us why apprenticeships are so beneficial to individuals and the business as a whole.

“Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to not only bring new people into your business, but you can use them to provide high-quality learning opportunities to your existing staff too.

“As a Bravo Networks member, you have access to our help and assistance with everything to do with apprenticeships, whether this is hiring someone new, or how to develop your existing staff.

We can even help to fully fund these as well if your firm is based in England. Apprenticeships are a great way to develop people as everyone is fully supported through their learning journey and this can help take some of the pressure off your business.”

Freddy Ford, from Pelican Insurance, is one person who has greatly benefited from the scheme and echoed Ian’s sentiments. “I find immense joy in my day-to-day work and learnings of the industry. The overall Pelican culture along with the team’s support and encouragement make every day an exciting opportunity for learning and growth.”

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Helping to nuture talent and build a highly skilled and qualified workforce. 

Bravo Networks can share our internal Ardonagh Apprenticeship Levy to fund members’ Apprenticeships. Doing this means members incur no costs for putting their staff on an apprenticeship.

In 2023 we shared £69,243 with members across England to help train their existing employees as well as recruit new apprentices.

We introduce members to the learning providers that have strong relationships and help set up all the necessary apprenticeship accounts to get people started on a programme.

We can provide help with all levels of Insurance Apprenticeships and also leadership apprenticeships, but others are available (like finance and compliance-related apprenticeships).

The Insurance Apprenticeships that they recommend to their members is delivered by SkillsEdge who are a CII Approved Training Provider.

If a new member is looking to recruit a new apprentice into their business, our team are on hand to help.  We are able to lean on our learning providers to help with advertising the role and shortlisting candidates to make the process as easy as possible for members.

Bravo Networks Premier members also have access to a Learning Management System – LINK, and have a wealth of learning content available to them to support them on their new and exciting journey.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for members to invest in the future of their businesses, helping to nurture their talent and build a highly skilled and qualified workforce.

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