Press Play: Live – what our Members said about the virtual conference

Our Press Play: Live virtual conference in March 2021 was a hit with brokers and insurers alike, with the deals struck as a direct result of the event exceeding £4m. Take a look at the results on the infographic below and read on to hear from Members on how the event made an impact on their business.

Many Members have explained how they were able to take advantage of the event by booking several meetings with insurers, including David Perry, Managing Director at FSB Insurance Service. He said: “We absolutely filled our day with insurer meetings and came away from every single one with positive outcomes and actions. A fantastic opportunity to get weeks’ worth of work done in a day.”

Similarly, Dave Hambridge, Commercial Director at DNA Insurance Ltd, found the one-to-one sessions beneficial. “I enjoyed the conference; it was great to still be able to access and meet the insurers and have that valuable connection time,” he said. “I think it was particularly good that the insurers still took it very seriously and engaged in good conversation.”

While we’re looking forward to the day when we can get together and network with our Members and Insurer Partners face-to-face again, a virtual conference has its place in the events calendar. As one Member, John Kemp, Managing Director at AJ Insurance Service Ltd, told us: “Press Play: Live showed that the Network can still thrive in lockdown. I managed to speak to eight key providers in one day with valuable information from all of them. I would like to see this event repeated in the future.”

We were proud to recognise several Members who have gone above and beyond over the past 12 months. Jeremy Pace, Managing Director at Pace Ward, won Compass Personal Lines Broker of the Year 2020. He said: “I am over the moon that my team have been recognised for their hard work and dedication throughout what has been the most extraordinary time of all our lives. To win Personal Lines Broker of the Year is an honour and attribute to them. 

“Our Family Fleet product has helped so many Compass Members and demonstrates why being a part of an established Network is worth its weight in gold. For two years running, Pace Ward have been recognised by Compass; I am ordering a new display cabinet in the hope that our dedication and determination to succeed is recognised again and again. Thank you to everyone for their support.”

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